Module 2 – Product and Payment Set Up



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Sorry it took so long to put this up – I had the hardest time with it! Strange slides keep showing up where they aren’t supposed to. Please try to ignore this and I’ll fix it when I have more time to really concentrate on how to edit it. (Video Services are definitely not my thing!)


Module 2

Action Steps

  1. Configure PayPal Account to work with DAP
  2. Add a Free Product in your DAP account
  3. Copy and paste your Free Welcome Email
  4. Create a Free Download Page in WordPress
  5. Add a Paid Product in your DAP Account
  6. Copy and paste your Paid Welcome Email
  7. Create a Paid Download Page in WordPress
  8. Product Chain your Free Product to your Paid Product
  9. Be sure to add yourself to both products
  10. Ask friends to sign up for your Free Product
  11. Set your price to $.01 and ask friends to buy Paid Product
  12. Click here to register for Monday’s webinar w/Michelle:
    Accountability Session



Integrate PayPal With DAP

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