Work Less, Earn More By Outsourcing to a VA!

Work Less Earn More
Chances are, when you hired your first virtual assistant, you were happy to hand off low-level tasks, such as posting to your blog, researching guest posting opportunities, and maintaining a spreadsheet or two. As you gain trust in your VA – or discover how much more efficient it is to have your virtual assistant complete certain tasks – you’ll begin looking for more ways to free up your time.

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In fact, those who have truly mastered working with a virtual assistant quickly discover that they can effectively vanish for days or even weeks at a time, and the business just keeps running. How much would it mean to you to be able to finally take a real vacation with your family, and not have to even check email while you’re away? That’s what a good relationship with your VA can do for you.

The key to building that kind of relationship is to start small. Obviously you don’t want to hand your brand new assistant the keys to your online kingdom. Confidential information such as your hosting, merchant account, and other login credentials should not be shared until you’ve built up a certain level of trust. Once you have that trust, though, the possibilities of work you can outsource are nearly endless.

Your virtual assistant can:

  • Pay invoices via PayPal – in fact, you can set her up with her own log-ins to your PayPal business account and give her only the access she needs. She won’t even be able to see your balance unless you allow it.
  • Reconcile referrals and pay your affiliates
  • Handle customer returns and refunds
  • Create and send emails to your mailing list
  • Build out new products and add them to your shopping cart
  • Coordinate and schedule webinars
  • Act on your behalf in forums, blog commenting, and social media

And that’s just a small list of items you can outsource! Feel free to sign up for the free report offered in the side bar to the right to see a much larger list in the 200 Ways You Can Use a VA report.

As you can see, when someone else is handling the details of your business, it is possible to work less, earn more. It’s easier for you to take time off, or simply spend your working hours getting a new project off the ground.

If you’re not sure how to get started on your road to business success, please visit
the Getting Started page as it will help point you in the right direction.

What are some of the larger, more important tasks that you are glad to have your VA handling now (or wish you did)? Please share them in the comments below and maybe it will give others some great ideas for outsourcing tasks to their own assistant.

Work Less, Earn More by Outsourcing to a VA

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