Using a VA Gives You the Lifestyle You Want, Part 10

How Using a VA Can Give You the Lifestyle You've Always Dreamed Of

(This is the tenth and final blog post of the Using a VA series.)

Time to Consider an Alternative to the Dysfunctional Office

If you’ve ever watched an episode or two of that long running TV hit show “The Office”, you will no doubt have laughed at and enjoyed the antics of the dysfunctional office environment.

So much of the work they do appears to be unproductive and is reflective of the traditional office that we have known for so many generations. There is a hierarchy within the office set up and certain people are assigned to do certain tasks, but often the tasks expand to fill the time available. The office manager is only marginally in control and somehow or other the business makes a small profit.

The successful business of today needs to look at this entire picture from a different angle.

The small business owner or entrepreneur needs to understand that many administrative tasks need to be completed.

But do they have to be addressed in the conventional way?

If you find that you have to spend a lot of your time micromanaging others or taking on some of the work yourself, then you may be as dysfunctional as the cast members on that television show.

Can you really afford to employ somebody to do a lot of your administrative tasks when you could be using a VA instead? A good virtual assistant will take on these tasks without having to worry about the number of hours left “on the clock”.

You, in turn, won’t have to worry about having to spend your time interacting with an employee and won’t have to allocate more of your business resources to pay for associated overheads.

When it comes to a comparison between an in-house employee and a virtual assistant, there really is no comparison.

When it comes to a comparison between an in-house employee and a virtual assistant, there really is no comparison. Click To Tweet

Just consider all those monthly expenses, taxes, resources, insurances and other costs associated with an employee. In addition, you are spending far too much time managing others when you could be enjoying a much more productive lifestyle by using a VA.

When you hire a professional virtual assistant, you will be happy to know that all your necessary work will be completed on time and without an unnecessary draw on your resources. This in turn will allow you to spend more time working on what’s really necessary to enable your business to grow and expand, as well as giving you more time to spend at home or social events.

After all, shouldn’t you be making sure that the time you spend working is profitable and enables you to have a much more productive social and family life? When you outsource properly at work you will be able to relax more at home. You can really put your feet up and laugh at “The Office” without worrying about your office problems anymore.

Is your business operating efficiently and profitably or is it more like the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in the popular TV show? Share your thoughts and or one of your favorite scenes from The Office in the comments below.

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