Virtual Assistant Services for Entrepreneurs with ADHD

ADHD Virtual Assistant

Does this sound like you?

  • Often wait for deadlines to be close before beginning projects
  • Try to create the perfect plan before starting tasks
  • Not sure how to prioritize the steps in a big project
  • Unable to stay focused for long periods of time
  • Often late and forget about important meetings
  • Being organized is a serious challenge
  • Like to think outside of the box
  • Incredibly creative and love to brainstorm
  • Can concentrate intensely on things you care about
  • Good at juggling multiple tasks at once


Could you use help from a Virtual Assistant who:

  • Can take a huge pile of items and prioritize them easily
  • Is able to complete work projects without much direction
  • Is flexible and strong enough to handle abrupt direction changes
  • Can help you make decisions, stay focused and keep you on track
  • Is patient and can explain technical things in a non-technical way
  • Loves being a full, collaborative partner in her client’s business
  • Understands you!

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