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I love to travel! Even as a baby, my family took many trips by plane. Prior to becoming a Virtual Assistant, I was a flight attendant for a major international airline. So I do have some experience when it comes to what you should pack on your trips as a business (and leisure) traveler.

Retirement Flight
My son and the Captain on my last flight.

This post mostly covers air travel as I have never set foot on a cruise ship due to my irrational fear of the ocean. I know it makes little sense because I also have a fear of heights and have no problem flying at 35,000 feet above the ground. But enough of my idiosyncrasies…


Air Travel Pillow 
Many travelers own a typical travel pillow that looks like this and can be purchased at any airport for a decent price, but I find they do not work very well and I end up with a sore neck. Plus, I often forget to pack one and end up buying another one at the last minute. I must have a dozen of these things kicking around my house!

But once I discovered the inflatable travel pillow shown below, I always keep it in my luggage ready to go. It attaches like a seat belt so I can just lean my head to the side and relax comfortably.


As a flight attendant, I had the fabulous perk of sometimes traveling in First Class. Now that I spend most of my time in Economy Class, I really miss those first class foot rests.

This item is like sitting in a recliner with your feet resting on pillows. It can be used with the tray table either in the up or down position. Apart from making long flights more comfortable, this foot rest helps prevent swollen feet.

This footrest is so popular that it is often not available. If that’s the case for you, there are other similar products for sale.


It’s a smart idea to have a travel wallet so that you can keep all your travel documents and ids in one place. There’s a place for a pen to fill out custom forms or crossword puzzles, a money pouch and a pocket for your phone and passport.

More airlines and passengers opt to use e-tickets so the fact you can place your phone inside is a good feature. If not, there’s room for paper tickets and boarding passes.


When I travel, I prefer to use a backpack so that I have my hands free to carry other items (like my baby when I was much younger).

This backpack is roomy without being cumbersome and most importantly prevents theft. As a savvy traveler, I sadly have to admit that I have still fallen victim to pick pocketers and purse snatchers.

What makes this an “anti-theft” backpack is the fact that the main pocket faces your back which helps to prevent your belongings from being stolen.


It seems like airlines are nickel and diming customers for everything these days. You will incur a fee if your suitcase weighs over the allotted limit (typically 50 pounds). If you want to slow down boarding and annoy both the flight attendants and other customers, try to board the aircraft with an oversized carry on that should have been dealt with at the ticket counter!

One way to avoid this embarrassing situation or have to pay additional fees is to get your own personal luggage scale. This item is especially useful for your return trip. No need to worry if that 30 pound stuffed Mickey Mouse souvenir is going to tip the scale over your allotted weight limit!


To be honest, I no longer travel with an adapter. First I don’t travel internationally much these days and I found that there were other ways to work around the need for one.

However, many travelers swear this is a much needed item so I’ve included an option below. Keep in mind that back when I traveled abroad, there weren’t smart phones. Perhaps today, I would consider it a necessity.



No matter what secret Ninja hack you use for folding and packing your clothes in your suitcase, your clothes are still going to be WRINKLED!

I personally hate to iron and try to avoid it at all costs. That’s why I like to pack this personal steamer. (No need to waste suitcase real estate by packing a travel iron, as hotels can provide one for you if your room doesn’t already include one.)

Some recommend hanging your clothes in the bathroom while showering, but I have found that method doesn’t work very well. But with this essential travel item, I no longer have to hit the town in wrinkled clothing!


As I’m writing this post, I keep coming up with other essential travel items. So I will cut this post short and post more recommendations at another time.

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All of these suggested products can be found on my Amazon store at along with other business product suggestions. I hope you will check it out!

Bon Voyage!

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding business travel products, please post them in the comments below.

Business Traveler
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7 thoughts on “Must Have Products for the Business Traveler

  • Paul B. Taubman, II

    I have some of these.. but MUST HAVEs for me when flying include Noise Cancelling Headphones, a good book (and my Kindle Fire), and my carry-on luggage. I always try to pack everything in a carry on so I dont have the extra delay of waiting for it to be delivered to the baggage carousel.

    • Leslie Keffler Post author

      Paul, you must travel often as you’ve definitely got down the essentials! Noise Cancelling Headphones are a must have especially if there are any crying babies onboard!

  • Martha DeMeo

    Great list of neccessaties for a pleasant flight.