Introducing Michelle Schoen… My Ideal Client 7

Ideal Client Michelle Schoen
I’d like to use this blog post to thank and recommend Michelle Schoen of and (formerly  If it wasn’t for Michelle, I wouldn’t be where I am today as an Online Marketer and Virtual Assistant. She has been a colleague, client, mentor, accountability partner and friend for many years.

I first met Michelle during a training webinar in 2008 and she immediately stood out from the crowd.  She was a very enthusiastic and motivating member of the group. When she posted a request for help with formatting an ebook and I offered my services, she took a chance with me (a newcomer to the virtual assistance industry). The rest is history and we have been working together ever since.

Michelle is a dream client. Not only is she easy going to work with, she has also sent numerous referrals my way. She is always appreciative and thankful of my work and respects my boundaries. Michelle has generously provided me with ample resources and training. She even opened up her home to me while I attended a conference in her home town. Michelle doesn’t sweat the small stuff and never freaks out over the big stuff and occasional mishaps!

Better yet, Michelle has been a mentor and accountability partner to me.  Without her push and encouragement, I never would have created my first product – a 5 week training webinar on Creating Membership Sites. She always has me and my business in her best interests.

If you ever need a professional screencast video consultant, be sure to check out Michelle at .  I’m sure you’ll grow to love and admire her as well. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Introducing Michelle Schoen… My Ideal Client

  • Diane @ Me, Him And The Cats

    Sounds like you two make a great team!

    • Leslie Post author

      Yes, I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with Michelle. Thanks for visiting my site, Diane!

  • Eleanor

    I am with you Leslie, I love Michelle to pieces to! She has taught me so much and I love how her and Lon go back and forth with each other. Glad to see you participating in the #blogboost. – Eleanor

    • Leslie Post author

      I agree, Eleanor. Michelle and Lon are really great and it’s so funny how they interact with each other on their webinars. I’m loving the Ultimate Blogging challenge! #blogboost

  • Nancy Norbeck

    Thanks for the info! I’ve heard great things about Camtasia but haven’t tried it yet, so it’s good to have a name in mind for when I do!

  • Michelle Schoen


    This blog post is such a surprise and so very generous of you, Leslie. Thank you. You have been the best assistant, webmaster,graphic artist, OBM and everything else for the past few years. I highly respect your work and am so glad to have hired you that first time. You’ve been a huge factor in my successful business and I can’t show my appreciation enough. Thank you for all you do!

    • Leslie Post author

      Aw shucks, Michelle… thanks, but this post is supposed to be all about YOU!