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Every business owner wants more clients. After all, that’s what keeps a business growing. There are many ways to attract more clients, but your website is one of the most obvious ways.

Your website needs to have an eye-appealing header and logo. Don’t forget to include a catchy tag line. Your website must have a catchy tag line that specifically states what you do and how it sets you apart. Don’t be afraid to spend a lot of time giving thought to your tag line and logo. What sets your logo apart from the rest? What makes your business different and unique?

Clearly state on your home page what sets you apart and what problems you can solve, what your services are and what your specialties are. Give testimonials and show samples.

Create strategies for getting repeat clients/getting more work. Offer a free 15-minute or 30-minute consultation. “I visited your website and I noticed that you are not doing anything about (blank).” For example, if you have a web writing business, you could offer to write compelling content and then lead into offering your writing services for a monthly newsletter. Then, of course, they will need an email marketing plan and a promotional package. These items are all necessary on a monthly basis. Once you get your foot in the door, you have given yourself opportunity to show your work, and prove your value for future projects.

If you are a marketing expert, go on other small business websites and find the holes; contact the company with a few hints and suggestions for plugging up those holes. Make sure you have a high ranking website to begin with so you can show by example.

Create a website and add a blog. Years ago, a static page was good enough for a website, but that’s certainly not the case today. Readers want to see and read what you can do. When they visit, they want information and they want it fast. They also want to be entertained. Make your blog posts humorous, touching, engaging, informative and relatable.

If you already have a website, what do you do to attract more clients? Do you have a catchy tag line? If so, please feel free to share it in the comments with a link to your site. 🙂

attract more clients, virtual assistant, client attraction, how to get more clients, VA, website appeal, how to use your website to attract clients

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  • Kim


    I am able to say…Yes to having an eye appealing logo and header, catchy tagline and blog. I agree your website design is very important in attracting more clients. That is one reason I have been working on revamping mine. It is also important to remember the website is always evolving as you get a better handle on your brand identity. For me the key been a gradual approach since I want to design my own site and let my brand evolve as time goes on.

    Wishing you productivity and prosperity,

  • Alice Gerard

    Right now, I just have blogs but these are helpful hints for an on line business. Also, I really like how this page is organized. The graphic is attractive and the page in general is very user friendly.