Have You Had Your Morning Coffee?

Morning Coffee
No, I’m not referring to that Soy Latte from Starbucks or even that crappy cup of grocery store generic brand that you brewed at home.  I’m talking about one of my favorite add-ons for Firefox.  (Sorry, Internet Explorer and other browser users, this post is only helpful for Firefox users.  If you are using IE, I could list several reasons why you shouldn’t; but I’ll save that for another day.)

I LOVE my Morning Coffee!  First thing when I connect to the Internet, I click on my little Morning Coffee icon and I am instantaneously connected to all the websites I need for work and/or visit for pleasure.  No thinking required — each site opens up in its own little tab.  I can do this when I am still half asleep and I haven’t even had my first cup of “real” coffee!

Morning Coffee can be configured in a multitude of ways.  Since not all websites are updated on a daily basis, you can pick and choose which days of the week you would like to upload your page of interest.  Knowing how important it is to blog and participate in social networks, I have each one of these sites open as a daily reminder to me. I belong to a forum that has a weekly seminar, so I have Morning Coffee load that page for me every Wednesday.  Morning Coffee can be set up as specific or as general as you like.  Another option is to have Morning Coffee load as your home page.  It’s still in Beta and I haven’t tested that feature yet.

Morning Coffee has been rated 5 stars and has been downloaded over 1 million times.  It was created by Shane Liesegang.  For more information about Shane and this add-on, you can visit his website at:  http://shaneliesegang.com/projects/coffee.php

If you have never used a Firefox add-on, it is really simple to do so.  On the Firefox browser menu bar, select Tools and then choose Add-ons. Next you will see a Firefox page of recommended add-ons.  Click on Browse All Add-ons.  Have fun looking through all the possible ways to enhance your Internet browsing while using Firefox.

Now if only there was an Evening Martini, I’d have it made!

Remember to visit the Firefox Add-ons page to find other ways to personalize your browsing experience at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox.Do you use Firefox add-ons?  Which one is your favorite?  If you are an IE or other browser user, is there a similar program to Morning Coffee available?  If so, please share your comments with me.

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