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Remember Google Wave?  It splashed upon the internet scene with a lot of excitement and originally required a “special” invite to join. Everyone (myself included) was clamoring to ride the Wave. But it bit the dust and was washed out to shore. I happily waved goodbye to the Wave!

Now I’m not one to quickly join the latest internet fad.  I like to wait it out and see if it’s worthy of my time. Most of the ones I did eventually join became great web phenomenons, but I initially used and enjoyed them in my personal not business life – Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest for example.

So due to my skepticism and previous bad experience with Google Wave (and a little bit of procrastination), I was extremely reluctant to join the Google Plus bandwagon. Okay, so I joined but I really never did much with it and have to say I didn’t really understand it. But more and more stuff about Google Plus kept popping up everywhere and I didn’t think I could afford to ignore it any longer.

My greatest interest in Google Plus is the Hangout feature.  What exactly is that? It sounds really awesome – anything with the word “hangout” in it has to be cool, right?

So off I went in search of some Google tutorials and resources. I immediately came across this Kindle book What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us by the well-known Guy Kamasaki and promoted by Denise Wakeman who I also respect as a Google Plus expert. Best thing yet, Amazon was selling it for only 99 cents!

I highly recommend this book even if it’s not on sale and you have to pay the full price.  It explained Google Plus to me in such easy to understand terms and provided numerous ways to use Google Plus in your business. One of my favorite chapters that also made me laugh was entitled, “How to Deal With Bozos”. According to Guy, the number of bozos in a service is proportional to the square of the number of people in that network.  In other words, the more popular Google Plus becomes, the more bozos you will encounter. LOL – but so true!

From his book and other sources, I discovered that a Google Plus Hangout is a really amazing tool that we should all be putting to good use in our business. It enables you to hold online video conferences and broadcasts – how great is that?

So do you use Google Plus?  Have you ever conducted or participated in a Hangout? Please share below in the comments and be sure to add me to your “circle” (another one of those trendy social media terms you need to add to your vocabulary). You can find me here on Google+: Leslie Keffler

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10 thoughts on “Google Plus – No, Not Another Social Media Tool!

    • Leslie Post author

      Julie, you probably know more about it than me… especially if you have more than ONE Google Plus page. That’s why I’m so glad there are great resources available to guide me.

    • Leslie Post author

      I’m with you, Amy, when it comes to Google+. I’ve enjoyed reading this book – now I just need to take ACTION.

  • Eleanor

    I have fallen in love with Google+ when I went to Blogalicious I met Christie Glascoe Crowder and she is all about Google+ so much that I invited her to speak at my first ever virtual event. Then when I went to NMX2013 I attended Amanda Blaine’s session and she was amaze balls! Google Hangouts are a blast I recently took a course called TubeMethod the possibilities are endless. Then the communities in Google+ …..Fun!

    • Leslie Post author

      Eleanor, your enthusiasm for Google+ makes me want to get more involved with using it. You’ve always been a go-getter when it comes to all things about Social Media. You seem to have a lot of energy and motivation considering all that you get accomplished – you’ll have to share your secret!

  • Anne Dovel

    I was one who jumped on and got a google plus account very early on. And yet, after a couple months, I wasn’t enjoying the platform as much and didn’t know if it was going to “make it” or not.
    However, in the last few weeks, I’ve revisited it because of the Hangout feature. I have used it for short business team meetings with small groups and it works really well, once everyone figures out how to find it and what a hangout is!
    Thanks for your book recommendation. I’ll check that out!
    Anne Dovel

    • Leslie Post author

      Just checking to see if you’ve made any progress with Google Plus and whether or not you are using the Hangout feature. If so, I’d love to hear your experiences as I haven’t done so yet.

  • Stella Scott

    Hi Leslie!
    Thanks for stoping by at my Fanpage!

    My feelings about G+ is that I should get more involved, but I can’t find the time. Like many I was invited early and I have the book, since long, but never get around to read it. I’m studying for a certification to become a marketing coach, and after that I hope to take bigger bites out of the google frog. 😉

    Now I’ll go and circle you up!

    • Leslie Post author

      Stella, thanks for adding me to your Google circle. I’m pretty much in the same boat as you – I know I should use it and I want to but I’m just not finding the time to do so right now.