Do You Work Holidays? 6

Do You Work Holidays

I’m making this a short and sweet post since I’m trying not to work on the weekend.


If you run your own business, do you have a set schedule for when you work? If so, do you work nights, weekends or holidays?

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6 thoughts on “Do You Work Holidays?

  • Donna

    Ha ha great short post. I do, but only because I have kids so I have to work around family. Just recently I went to the States for a conference (Social Media Marketing World) but had a great balance as my family came for the 2.5 weeks beforehand so I did some work but only at night and spent most days enjoying travelling with my family! Usually I have a balance between working at night and during the day depending on whether my young children are around!

    • Leslie Post author

      I know what you mean, Donna as I also have kids and spend a lot of time volunteering at their schools. So I also end up doing work on weekends, etc. The beauty of running your own business is that you can do what works best for YOU. That’s fantastic that your entire family got to enjoy your trip to the States!

  • Deb Dutilh

    Great question! I don’t work holidays and try to make the most of my weekends, too. It’s not always easy as an entrepreneur building a business. I sometimes have to fight off the inner critic who can kick in with a bullhorn trying to lay a guilt trip on me. I usually win out!

    • Leslie Post author

      Hooray for usually beating your inner critic, Deb! I’m glad you are able to make the most of your weekends and have time off for the holidays.

  • Jan Kearney

    I “work” every day. Not all day, and generally no client work at weekends and holidays unless it’s an emergency (their site is down rather than they sent me details late!)
    I love what I do, and it’s fun – I don’t see most of it as “work”

  • Joy Healey

    Holidays? What are they?

    But in fairness, although I haven’t mastered the art of leaving my business for more than a very few days at a time, I do take a full day off whenever I like.