Using Digital Product Systems With a VA

Using Digital Product Systems with a VA

There are a number of digital product systems that need to be in place and working efficiently in order to ensure the smooth launch of your products.

They all need to be set up correctly and automated when possible. Your business branding and copy needs to be in place. It’s a huge job with many parts to coordinate and can occasionally be underestimated. This can lead to business owners feeling overwhelmed and stressed with this part of their business development. Working through the multitude of different systems, options, settings and integrations can be a huge time-drain.

But you don’t need to do this alone. In fact, you don’t need to do it at all!

You definitely need these systems to support your business. But do you really want to be the one doing the following?

  • testing and working each system
  • finding out which systems are most suitable for you
  • how they should connect and function together as a whole
  • how to ensure everything works perfectly for the best customer experience

This doesn’t need to be your task. There’s a far better solution…

Delegate it all to a VA 🙂

A virtual assistant can review your current digital product systems and can then advise on which ones will best support your business. Before proceeding to implement and integrate these systems, your VA will work on getting each one working together to achieve as much automation as reasonably possible while ensuring a positive customer experience. Your assistant can then offer continued support to your business.

There are numerous systems involved in providing digital products and here’s just some that your VA can help with:

Mailing Email Lists

You likely already have a few different email lists you can send information to about your upcoming product launch. However, you will also want to create a specific list just for your digital product launch. This will help to gauge the number of people interested in your product.


Creating, designing, writing and sending newsletters to your list. One of the best ways to announce your product launch is by using a branded newsletter. An assistant can help you create, design, write and send a newsletter to your list.

Automated Email Nurture Sequences

Scheduling automated email sequences to nurture your list is vital during your launch. A VA can assist with the creation, set-up and scheduling of emails that include links to freebies, services or other paid products. Be sure to also send links to your various social media platforms.

Development of Your Website

During your launch, you will want your website to be in top condition. Have a virtual assistant maintain your site as well as upload blog posts, videos and written copy.

Promotional Webpages

Whenever launching a new product, most people will want to use a landing page designed with your product and prospective buyers in mind. A VA can create and design landing pages for you while keeping in mind the action you’re encouraging on each page. The assistant can also create a thank you page and any necessary follow up emails.

Setting Up and Supporting Webinars

A well planned webinar can be an excellent digital products system to use for your launch. You should offer at least one live, value packed webinar before you are ready to launch. Invite your community to the webinar and teach them something they can use and relates to the product you are selling. There are many steps and tasks to host a webinar, that you will really want to have help from a knowledgeable virtual assistant.

Scheduling Your Social Media

Promoting your product launch should include announcements and engagement with your audience on your social media platforms. A VA can also respond to any comments or questions posted by your followers.

Managing Your Customer Support Desk

If you don’t already have a system for offering support to your customers, you will definitely want to have one in place for your launch. Integrating a help desk into your business will enhance your customer service and make your launch more efficient. Check out my resources page for my support system recommendation as well as other tools needed for your launch.

Payment Providers

Obviously, you can’t sell a product if you don’t have a system for receiving payments. A VA can set up your payment provider, manage your shopping cart, create coupons and provide refunds if necessary. Many people will often start out with just using a service like PayPal to manage their product sales. However, there are numerous other options available.

Affiliate Program

You may want to consider offering an affiliate program for your products and services. Other people can promote for you and earn a commission for doing so. A virtual assistant can set up the necessary payment provider, create promotion tools/emails and track affiliate sales.

Setting Up Your Online Course Area or Membership Site

Depending on the type of product you have created, you may wish to set up an area on your website for your online course. This page will need to be page protected. Many VAs know how to set up a membership site or use an online tool like Teachable.

In addition to all of this, other technical tasks that your VA can help with are…

  • testing that everything is working correctly
  • all the systems are integrated as intended
  • collating the analytics from each system in a concise report

The combination of your assistant’s amazing support and the efficiency established through these newly integrated systems, leaves you free to focus on your clients and to increase your income.

Contact me to discuss your digital product launch systems today!

Using Digital Product Systems with a VA
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