Creating Digital Products With the Help of Your VA 1

Creating Digital Products with the Help of Your VA

At first glance, creating digital products looks quite straightforward. You create it, upload it to your website and share it widely online.


Or is it?

There’s a surprising amount of tasks involved and elements to coordinate to ensure your digital product is a success. Besides creating the actual core content, there are many other tasks, such as editing, proofreading, design, system set-up and copywriting. These tasks gradually emerge as you go. It can be slow progress indeed, particularly as you’ve got your day-to-day customer/client work to prioritize. Naturally, the creation of digital products gets pushed down your to-do list and so do your future plans, your income strategy and the growth of your business.

So how do you make real progress on the creation of your digital products?


You need the help of an awesome VA!

None of the tasks mentioned need to be completed by you. Delegating these time-draining tasks can really boost your drive and enthusiasm too.

Able to take on a vast array of tasks, your VA can generate some real momentum in your projects. You need only create the main body of the content. The rest you can hand over for production in multiple formats.

Below are a few tasks you could effortlessly delegate:

Ebook Production

You can delegate the proofreading, formatting, design and editing. You need only supply your branding, any images to use and the copy you’ve written. This could also apply to a worksheet, cheat sheet, ‘how to’ guide or any other document.


When writing copy for email sequences, website sales pages, or landing pages, there’s a particular style of writing for effective marketing. With your products and marketing messages in mind, your VA is able to craft copy to appeal to your ideal clients and communicate your unique value in solving their specific problems.


Your VA can ensure all your content fits with your business branding, such as newsletters, social images, presentations, ebooks, banners and more!

Re-Purposing Content

Once you’ve created your content, your VA can re-purpose it by converting it into different formats. Your assistant could perhaps turn a blog post into a presentation, a series of blog posts into an ebook or a video into an infographic.

Video and Audio

As the star of your show, you need to create the core content of your video or podcast. However once created, you can delegate it to your VA for editing and uploading to your video host, website or members area.

Creating Affiliate Materials

If you have affiliates, your VA can create materials for use in the marketing of your digital products. Tasks could include editing your material to the third person, so it reads as the affiliate talking about you, designing branded advertising banners, creating social media shareable images and more!

Energize your content creation and delegate these tasks to your VA today!

Have you created your own digital products? Did you have a VA help you or wish that you did? Please leave your comments below about how this project worked out for you.

Creating Digital Products

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