As One Chapter Ends… A New One Begins 2

Career Change

Today is the first day of my  retirement from a 25 year long career as a flight attendant for a major airline.  First let me clarify, this is an EARLY retirement… I’m not that old!

Now I can focus fully on my virtual business!  I am so excited about this because when I was working only part-time as a virtual assistant, I had very little time to concentrate on growing my own business.  I was too busy always working on my clients’ projects to spend much time on my own.  I can’t wait to get all the pieces in place for my own business that I have been successfully creating for my clients.

Excited about having me home today, my husband and kids kept trying to engage me in other activities. I would jokingly tell them that “The Leslie” is busy building her online empire and to please stop interrupting her. Obviously, some new boundaries will need to be established.  But for now, we are all just happily enjoying my new found freedom since I said my last “buh-bye” to my last passenger on my last flight! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “As One Chapter Ends… A New One Begins

  • Roz Fruchtman


    You make me realize how much time I wasted at NOT being me and following my heart!

    I AM retired from working outside, and I AM that old (correction, THAT young), but as Danny Gokey says in his song: “My Best Days Are Ahead of Me” – Age is just a number!

    Here’s to both of us getting what we want!

    I do wish I had the age behind me, but for whatever time God favors me with, I hope it will be purposeful and full of contribution!


    • Leslie Post author

      Thanks, Roz – I wish us both plenty of meaningful and joyful years (in and out of retirement). I’m glad to hear you are now following your heart and while it may seem like time wasted, it has created who you are today and will help guide you in the future.