Are You A Geek?

Are You a Geek
I remember when being called a geek was not a compliment (and wicked meant something bad).  Over the past few years the term “geek” has evolved into something many people today brag about being or aspire to be.  Long gone are the days when a geek was considered a socially inept nerd with pocket protectors and coke bottle lenses.  Today a geek implies being tech savvy and/or an enthusiast of things outside of the mainstream spectrum.  Because of their advanced technological skills and the ability to think outside of the box many geeks become successful entrepreneurs.

So back to the original question “Are you a geek?”  Here are a few clues and links to help you determine your geek factor:

How did you fare?  Have you got what it takes to be a geek?  With the exception of the last bullet point, I think I’m on my way to true geekdom. Isn’t that totally wicked? But first, I need to make a stop by the reading glass display rack.

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