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Leslie Keffler is the proud owner and operator of Virtually Done. She has numerous years of administrative experiences in a variety of industries. This experience, as well as other educational and customer service-based careers, has provided Leslie with the necessary skills and professional background to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners to succeed.

As a young child, Leslie enjoyed playing “Office” with her siblings using discarded rubber stamps and note pads from her mother’s place of employment. Her first job in high school was at a major oil company where she filled in for employees on vacation. She continued to perform secretarial jobs throughout her college years and during summer breaks as a teacher. Leslie received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

Leslie has had experience working in corporate, medical, educational and legal fields of work. She has worked with a variety of people in several different and interesting situations. In addition to her secretarial and teaching jobs, Leslie has had the privilege of seeing the world as a flight attendant for one of the world’s largest and most prestigious airlines. When Leslie recently retired from her airline career in order to spend more time at home with her small children, she decided to pursue her love of office work as a Virtual Assistant.Virtual Coffee

Leslie has given up serving coffee to busy executives and First Class passengers in order to sip her own cup of coffee while performing virtual assistant services for her clients. Contact her today and she’ll be glad to share a “virtual cup” with you during your initial consultation.

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