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Types of Email

A lot of list owners eventually run into the problem of not knowing what to write about. If you ever run into this issue, then perhaps this post about the types of email that subscribers love will help you.

Below I have listed three types of email that your readers will never grow tired of reading. In fact, if you just rotate between these three kinds of email, your business will do very well indeed!

The following are three kinds of email you can use over and over:

=> The Mailbag

The mailbag is basically when users email you questions and you answer those questions. You pull their questions out of a “mailbag”. This email is also known as the “The Q&A“. Many marketers have discovered this type of email and have done very well in growing their list by using it.

If you don’t have users emailing you questions yet, hop on internet forums related to your niche and pull a few questions. Answer these questions in your mailing list and encourage others to ask questions as well.

Or you could create a blog post that is trending these days that asks your readers to provide you with questions you can answer in the comments. This popular post is usually titled something like “Ask Me Anything“.

Here is a sample post illustrating what is meant by “The Mailbag”:

Wednesday Mailbag: Answers to 18 Self-Publishing Questions

As long as you’re answering relevant questions that others want to hear the answers to, your readers will never grow tired of these types of email.

=> The Personal Story (With a Lesson)

This is a great way to have users get to know you better and connect with you emotionally, while getting a lot of value out of your email or newsletter.

Tell them a personal story. Make it emotional and make sure it has energy to it. Tie in a “moral” or a lesson relevant to your niche or market.

For example, you could tell a story about a time where you made a big mistake in your business. Then break apart what you did wrong and turn the story into a lesson.

This blogger shared a painful experience that she learned a valuable lesson from in the following post:

The Painful Unspoken Truth About Building Something You Love

If you ever have trouble coming up with topics, just take out a sheet of paper and start brainstorming for relevant stories that have happened in your life.

=> The How To

This is a fundamental blog post template that many subscribers love to read. Basically, you teach your users how to do something.

Once you’ve owned a list for a while, you’ll probably run into the problem of having talked about almost everything relevant to your niche. If you do run into that issue, try sending a “how to” email that’s related, but not necessarily directly in your niche.

For example, if you run an internet marketing website, instead of writing yet another article about how to get traffic, why not try writing a post about how to stay focused while working from home?

Lauren Hooker of Elle & Company has a multitude of “how-to” tips on her website. Be sure to check out this “how to” post example:

How to Ensure Clients Stick to Your Project Schedule

If you think a little bit outside of the box with your how to topics, the possibilities are really endless!

In summary, these are three types of email that you can use over and over again without your users getting tired of them. They never get old, because the actual content is always different. It’s just the framework that stays the same.

While the examples given above are blog posts, you can easily adapt any post to an email message. If you ever run out of ideas, try using one of these three methods — the mailbag, the personal story, or the how to — to spark your imagination.

Have you written an email or blog post utilizing one of these 3 popular types of content? If so, please share your topic (or blog post link) in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “3 Types of Email Your Readers Will Never Grow Tired Of

  • Jane Porterfield

    I’ve done something similar to, but not exactly like, your Q&A. It can be difficult some days to clear the cobwebs and come up with new ideas, but perseverance works. There are ideas everywhere, depending on where you look.

    Thanks for sharing these. I really appreciate it.

    • Leslie Keffler Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Jane (especially knowing that it required a few attempts). I know what you mean about cobwebs! 🙂